Living And Loving Life – December 20, 2016

Another wonderful episode is in from Susan Kennedy and “Living & Loving Life” – her weekly A1R Psychic Radio call-in radio show. As always, Susan’s energy is captivating as she teaches and connects with source & spirit for one fantastic half hour of great talk radio. Enjoy! (December 20, 2016) source

Creating An Inspired Life – December 22, 2016

Colleen Vanderzyden broadcasts her special holiday edition of “Creating An Inspired Life” live from Lily Dale, New York and, as you already know, it was an inspiring and educational show! Enjoy a great half hour that is perfect to ease your holiday season and get you ready for a sparkling new year. Press play and […]

Living And Loving Life – December 27, 2016

Susan Kennedy hosts her last live show for the year! Get your last burst of her wonderful & divine energy before the New Year! If you want to live and love your life, you can find your road map during the fantastic “Living And Loving Life” radio/television show on A1R Psychic Radio each Tuesday. Susan […]

Soul Star Radio – December 29, 2016

Jaquelene Close-Moore hosts one of the highest ranking spiritual radio shows in the world. Our audience loves her and continuously lets us know this fact! On this week’s “Soul Star Radio,” she welcomes the wonderful psychic/medium Shirley Nicholls as they both broadcast live, on-location from the tropics. (Listen for the sounds of exotic birds & […]

Creating An Inspired Life – December 15, 2016

Colleen Vanderzyden’s passion is helping people live an inspired, empowered and fulfilling life. In 2000, she channeled a message that changed her life. Within that message was the phrase, “Be who you are, for who you are is blessed.” This phrase helped her recognize she didn’t know who she was. With this awareness came a […]

Living And Loving Life – December 13, 2016

Susan Kennedy is an amazing psychic-medium. She is also one of Australia’s most down to earth Spiritual Mediums and her journey is to help you on yours. Inspiring and empowering through readings, teaching and healing, she helps you find your answers reconnecting you with your life purpose, your inner spirit and your loved ones in […]

Creating An Inspired Life – December 8, 2016

Colleen Vanderzyden has a soothing voice, genuine spiritual gift and a simply brilliant perspective. Her tip of the week should never be missed… a psychic-medium that never misses! Live from Lily Dale, New York, enjoy this week’s “Creating An Inspired Life” and start your weekend right. (December 8, 2016) source

Soul Star Radio – December 8, 2016

Jacquelene Close-Moore hosts a great episode of “Soul Star Radio” with special guest Ivan Beazleigh and lights up the weekend with another fantastic broadcast. Soul Star Radio brings you great psychic radio with a unique spin that enlightens and inspires. We never miss it! Bet you will watch it more than once. (December 8, 2016) […]

Soul Star Radio – December 1, 2016

Jacquelene Close Moore​ is the host of Soul Star Radio each Thursday at 8pm East/5pm West on A1R Psychic Radio. Soul Star Radio is a weekly magazine format psychic talk show program introducing topics as well as opening up the lines for live to air readings for listeners. The show was conceived by Jacquelene after […]

Creating An Inspired Life November 17, 2016

Live from Lily Dale, registered medium Colleen Vanderzyden hosts her awesome weekly radio show “Creating An Inspired Life.” Watch below; you’ll love the fun chat, call-in readings & the tip of the day. Colleen has a great one this week! Tune in each Thursday night at 8:30pm East/5:30pm West (US) on A1R Psychic Radio! (November […]